Who Is Jacqueline de Ribes?

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As the Metropolitan Museum of Art announces that its autumn exhibition will focus on the stylish life of Jacqueline de Ribes, Vogue composed the 15 things you need to know about the fashion designer, countess and muse.

- Although born to an aristocratic family - on Bastille Day (July 14) in 1929 - Countess Jacqueline De Ribes experienced a childhood affected by the hardships of the second world war. Now 85 years old, she enjoyed her post-war twenties considerably more, sporting the beautiful jewellery and fashion of the time at countless sumptuous parties.

- A great lover of couture by her early twenties, her secret desire to become a fashion designer was seen by her family as unbecoming for someone of her social standing.

- De Ribes had a complicated relationship with her mother, Paule - who she once recounted kissed her just once in her childhood - and was taunted by the intellectual, who translated Hemingway, for her desire to be a ballerina.

- She spoke fondly of her father, Jean, who was a fighter pilot and an Olympic marksman described as "the best shot in Europe", but she lived for much of her childhood with her maternal grandfather, Count Olivier de Rivaud de la Raffinière.

- She met her husband, 24-year-old war hero Vicomte Édouard de Ribes, at a party in 1947. When she returned to Paris days later for her baccalaureate exams, she remembered: "the next thing I knew, there he was on the same train."

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