There is no refusing 1993 Chanel

Posted by Cherie
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Coco Chanel once famously said "Elegance is refusal", a statement that defined her aesthetic and sensibility that women should dress in a refined and elegant manner in all occasions that they find themselves. By the nineties, Karl might have taken that statement in quite a different way - as in his refusal to not send exactly what he wanted down the runway. In either case the 1993 collection is a particular favorite of mine and like bees to honey, the vintage universe sees fit to send pieces from it my way on a regular basis despite the fact that on the whole I carry very little Chanel in the shop. (Not that I am saying no to any of it!)

Karl is exactly ten years into his dictatorship over all things Chanel and the era of The Supermodel is in full swing. Girls don't walk the runway, they strut. They are forces of nature unto themselves and the clothes seem to be designed to reflect just that. They are cut to cleverly appear staid and sophisticated on the Chanel woman of a certain age, but young and sexy while on the runway. He is just that good. And even now, 22 years later, the pieces I have in the shop from this collection are still that good.

At about the 3:10 mark, in the video above, you can catch just a teeny glimpse of the waffle weave cotton dress pictured here as it strutted down the runway behind Linda Evangelista. This dress is classic Chanel with its navy and white combination and little logo embossed buttons. It was well documented as you can see and has a touch of a nautical feel to it while still in keeping with Chanel's lady-like appeal.


Chanel 1993 Navy & White Waffle Weave Runway Dress from Shrimpton Couture. Click here to shop now! >


One of the prominent prints and accessories from the '93 show was a fabulous pink print Chanel scarf tie jauntily around the head. The print is a feminine and bright barbie pink color and I love the iconic Chanel designs screened over its surface.

S/S 1993 Pink Cotton Chanel Logo Pocket Square Scarf from Shrimpton Couture. Click here to shop now! >


1993 Classic Red Chanel Cashmere Cardigan from Shrimpton Couture. Click here to shop now! >

Later that yea, Karl continued his classic Chanel look into the fall and one of the more iconic pieces that was forever captured on Cindy Crawford (shot by Steven Meisel which ended up being the August 1993 Vogue cover). It is a fantastic and classic 100% cashmere Chanel cardigan that is the kind of forever basic that will never go out of style and that Chanel excels at.

The little black suit below is also Fall 1993 Chanel, as are the earring and glass pearl necklace. It is like an abundance of Chanel from that one particular year. I am constantly astounded at the coincidence of this happening. But then again, who am I to refuse it?


(L) 1993 Chanel Earrings. (M) 1993 Chanel Black Boucle Jacket & Skirt. (R) 1993 Chanel Pearl Necklace.

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