Don't Believe Everything You Read On The Internet

Posted by Cherie
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When I got this bag in the owner also sent along a link to the ad (above) featuring supermodel Christy Turlington. When I began the process of sourcing it I saw it attributed all over the place with that ambiguous "1980s Chanel". However, my vintage spidey sense kicked in full blast. Christy became big in the late eighties and I was pretty sure she was not the face of Chanel until the nineties. After some digging around I verified that Christy wasn't signed to be the face of Chanel until 1991 and the first time she appeared in a Chanel ad was the season before that contract (for the Fall Haute Couture ads). I found a repository of Chanel ads and this one seems to be from the 1991 campaign, making the bag from that year as well, and not the eighties like it is often attributed to.

I posted this info and picture on my instagram yesterday as well - my followers and readers are the smartest bunch around - and so far it seems the consensus is that the information above is correct. It just goes to show you that just because you see something posted on the internet, and then see it repeated endlessly through social media channels, it still may not be true. If the information is wrong in that first post and its a pretty picture the chances of anyone doing the legwork to find out if it is correct are small to none. That job is left for the slightly crazy dedicated girls like me!

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