Stormy Weather

Posted by Laura
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Oversized khaki hooded raincoat with back flap by Pierre Clarence. Jungle-print V-neck bathing suit by Ariel for Haye Design.

How to prepare for the inevitable rainstorms of spring? Well, according to this story from Viva's April 1978 issue, it is by pairing barely-there swimsuits, high sandals and large necklaces with traditionally-cut raincoats. The look is obviously provocative—and when photographed by the legendary Antonio using an Instamatic camera, the effect is definitely sultry flasher-chic.

Instamatics by Antonio for Viva, April 1978.

"Gentle spring storms, after all, give you the chance to wear all this great-looking wet gear - raincoats for keeping dry, and bikinis for frolicking amidst precipitations."

Double-breasted tan cotton patch-pocket raincoat by Calvin Klein at Bloomingdale's. One-shoulder jellyfish-print bathing suit by Ariel for Haye Designs.


Double-breasted tan patch-pocket raincoats by Calvin Klein at Bloomingdale's. Sand percale drawstring shorts by Charles Suppon Intresport.


Raglan-sleeve nylon camouflage raincoat by Charles Suppon Intresport. Camouflage maillot with side drawstring by Ariel for Haye Design.


Nylon camouflage drawstring parka by Charles Suppon Intresport. One-shoulder green-and-white leaf maillot by Ariel for Haye Design.


Patch-pocket nylon camouflage deck coat by Charles Suppon Intresport. Jungle-print bikini by Ariel for Haye Design.


Loden green two-in-one raincoat and jacket by Daniel Hechter.

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