Jane Aldridge in Shrimpton Couture Vintage

Posted by Cherie
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Jane is the kind of girl that takes a piece and looks at it with an eye that seems far more experienced then her young years would ever let you give her credit. It's like she has been secretly styling for Vogue since birth. Her ability to mix pieces from different eras and put together textures, colors and patterns, ones that few people would put together, makes her a master. It is one of the reasons why her blog, Sea of Shoes, shot to stardom when she was but a young teenager. It is also why she continues to stay on top of the game, despite a fickle and wandering internet audience.

In these shots Jane wears a vintage Adolfo jacket from Shrimpton Couture with a vintage Gucci bag and Balenciaga gladiator heels from spring 2008. Even her vibrant red hair seems to have been styled deliberately for just this outfit. Everything about the look goes together with an ease that should not be there but obviously is. I especially appreciate this outfit because Adolfo is a favorite of mine, as it is Jane's, but the vast majority of Adolfo pieces can look.... well ... kind of "old" .... and dated at first glance. Especially if you just see them hanging on a hanger. They are the type of pieces cut needing a body in them to bring them to life. This disparity between the hanger and on-the-body appeal makes it a label that is often overlooked by younger girls, and older ones too.

Yet everything is there to make the start of a fabulous ensemble -  the quality of the pieces, the colors, the tailored cuts.....All it takes is a fresh twist on a classic staple. Just like what Jane has done here. Cause there ain't nothing "old" about this look

See the entire, original post over at Jane's blog by clicking here 

PS. If you scroll down to the very end of this post I could not help but share these pics of Judy, Jane's mom, wearing the same dress for her blog back in 2009. It really shows how one dress can go a long way in the style department but changing up how you style it! Don't you love it?


 Judy Aldridge, from atlantishome.com. (Top Right: shown with vintage Judith Leiber Foo dog belt)

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