Spring Flower Predictions

Posted by Laura
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Spring's captivating way to conjure more charm for less—a sun-dazzling garden of flowers on new Ban-Lon dresses. Pale butter and turquoise blue Art Nouveau blooms, one a lean languid dress with funnel neck, fine tight sleeves.

Come spring, nothing makes me happier than seeing blooms reappear all around the city—not just in flowerbeds but also on dresses and skirts as women throw off their thick coats and start dresing to match the new season. This editorial, by David Bailey, showcases the spellbindingly gorgeous Maudie James in an array of floral outfits. As these photos are Vogue's "predictions" of spring floral fashions, James poses with astrology and magic books, thereby making her the perfect evocation of the then-newly dawned Age of Aquarius.

Maudie James photographed by David Bailey for Vogue UK, February 1968. All clothes by Colin Glascoe, in Liberty Ban-Lon prints by Bernard Nevill.

And a pretty galaxy of flowers on a supple little shirtdress.


Colour under the sun, spellbound in blossom on a smoothly fluted dress.


Enchanting seed-packet sunflowers, sun-shaded, pulled on as a slip of white gathered at the neck.

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