Razzle-Dazzle White

Posted by Laura
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I love finding images of supermodels in unexpected places, especially when the model in question is Veruschka and the magazine is Cosmopolitan. Looking fierce and feline as always, Veruschka poses alongside another model in an array of sparkling white outfits that are are guarenteed to "To cool him off but also turn him on..." Sadly her Amazonian body and smouldering eyes were not included, but the ensembles are definitely ones to inspire lust and love...

Photographs by Santé Forlano for Cosmopolitan, July 1966.

Blazing-desert white... repels scorching sun, attracts the desirable male. The ice-cream suit is cotton ottoman picqué with glittering turquoise rhinestone buttons and panel-pleated skirt. By Christian Mann for Marquise.


High noon, and you in a frozen dessert of a pinafore... he'll reel. The cotton piqué dress has a high neck in front, not much back and embroidered flowers all around. By Sylvia de Gay for Robert Sloan.


Molten gold from brow to toe with a white-hot swimsuit in between... he''ll forget everything (and everyone) else. The "waist-skimmer" swimsuit of tucked batiste and lace by Lanz Originals.


Nectar and white in platinum moonlight... a goddess dress for sure. It's crepe... all lined, draped at the top for sweet witchery. By Malcolm Starr.


Sensass! You—sun-gilded in a shell-white shift... ribbed cotton ottoman with big shoulder bows. Naturally he'll be all yours! By Edie Gladstone for Deebs.


Under a hot honey sky, the white-as-sea-foam "Baby" dress (does he really deserve all this?). The fabric... embroidered cotton batiste, lined with a billowing petticoat. By Monte, for Strega.


Inca gold look of preciously jeweled white... to enslave somebody perhaps? The cotton piqué dress has an Empire bodice. By Ceil Chapman for Miss Winston.

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