Italian Fashions for Summer 1956

Posted by Laura
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One of my favourite things to shop for when I travel (in addition to vintage clothes) are vintage magazines - I search them out at flea markets and junk shops across the United States and Europe, always on the hunt for something I've never seen before. A few years ago in Florence, Italy, I came across a pile of Italian women's weeklies from the 1950s. As expected they cover celebrities, recipes, decorating and diet tips, but the most fun are the fashion images - photographed locally to the magazine offices, the images are unretouched yet the models seem to have walked straight out of classic Cinecitta films with their dramatic makeup and poses. This June 26th, 1956 issue of Eva showcases the finest early summer fashions - many of which would fit on Dolce & Gabbana's catwalk today.

All images from Eva, June 26th, 1956.

(L) Dress by Vikki. (R) Both day dresses by Clara Brocca.


All dresses by Clara Brocca.


(L) Dress by Charlotte. (R) Afternoon dress by Curiel.


(L) Afternoon dress by Antonelli. (R) Afternoon dress by Caren Pasquali.


(L) Afternoon dress by Mascetti. (R) Day dress by Fercioni.

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