In the Swim!

Posted by Laura
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Any girl that looks like you in a bathing suit makes the most of the scene! Breezy hair, lots of lipstick, immaculate nails, funny accessories, the greatest swimwear going... you're in the SWIM... and things happen. Everybody at the pool's just naturally taken (left) with the little cutout hearts on the bikini—such an interesting tan and all... one's near your heart; the other's on your backside. Suit of nylon and Lycra Spandex by Sears. Flower Modes fruit. Willie Woo bracelets. Maybe he's putting you on (right) ... remake of Neptune's Daughter?... Still, your backstroke is a smash. Back-bared-to-here maillot of plaidy Antron nylon and Lycra Spandex has wide U-front neckline. By Rose Marie Reid. Sunspecs, The Ultimate Spectacle.

Need some inspiration to get back in shape after a long winter? I'm pretty sure this editorial from the May 1973 issue of Cosmopolitan will do the trick! Lois Chiles and a host of other babes show off their lean yet curvy bodies in the most perfect seventies bikinis and swimsuits—if a swimwear designer were to remake these styles, I would be first in line.

Photos by Chris von Wangenheim for Cosmopolitan, May 1973.

Bit part in a South Seas epic? Why not—you're wearing the wardrobe. All-that-could-be-saved-from-the-shipwreck bikini (main image) is jungly-printed Antron nylon with loincloth front panel, another one over your fanny. By Snapdragon. Orchid earrings by Willie Woo. Ummm... the poolside snooze (far left) was marvelous, and now you're ready to take in the action in leafy bikini of nylon and Lycra Spandex. By Elisabeth Stewart. Glentex scarf. Let's see... Tom and Dick have already asked you for tonight... and now along's coming Harry. Maillot of rib-knit Orlon acrylic hugs like a tank-suit. By Paul Maris. Costumakers buckle.


(L) He thinks he met you in Copenhagen. Actually it was Duluth. Anyway, the possibilities are cheerie in cherry-strewn maillot of nylon-Lycra Spandex. Jrs by Catalina. Cherry hairclip, Flower Modes. Elegant belt. Ruza bangles. Things are looking up when the lifeguard offers help with your faltering butterfly. You plunge in, assured that nylon and Lycra Spandex bodyslick (inset) is just as athletic as you are. By Catalina. Willie Woo pearls. (R) Of course he can borrow your Coppertone. Get-acquainted ploys just happen when you're wearing your bodytalk one-piecer of Antron nylon and Lycra Spandex with all those mixed-up squiggles. By Jantzen. Willies Woo bubble necklace.


(L) Your name's just been announced on the loudspeaker, Telephone call. Could it be an important producer? Doubtless. He saw your snaky maillot of nylon and Lycra Spandex, noted its sleek lines made a few conclusions about the girl within. Classic bathing garb by Robbie Len. Willie Woo ciré battle jacket. Starry-eyed specs from The Ultimate Spectacle. Elegant belt. You're up for "Miss Citrus" and sure to win the title in sun-kissed bikini (inset) of Antron Simplex. By Bobbie Brooks. Hat, Don Kline. Shiny flowers, Ruza. Willie Woo bracelets. (R) The handsome stranger's watched you oil all those parts. Now he's challenged you in a race to the raft. Ready for maritime victory, your seagoing bikini of purest white Arnel jersey sports bead trim along smartly rigged mini-straps. By Sears. Pinwheel earrings, House of Joy. Waterproof watch, Trifari. Bandolinos mules. 


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