Sonia Delaunay, 1925

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This silent film was made ​​around 1925 to promote the design work of Sonia Delaunay (1885–1979) who was a key figure in the world of abstract art in Paris. She also designed and made absolutely brilliant textiles which she also fashioned into gorgeous graphic dresses and garments, some of the very earliest of you can see in this film. This film, made to promote her line may well be the first of its kind!

Titled "The Elélégance”, it is presented as part of the retrospective devoted to Sonia Delaunay and her work by the Museum of Modern Art in Paris that ran from October 17, 2014 to February 22, 2015. If you missed the Paris exhibit and happen to be in London, you are in luck as the exhibit will be at The Tate beginning tomorrow and running until August 9, 2015

For more information on the exhibit please visit The Tate’s exhibition page here.


Sonia Delaunay, 1925.


Sonia Delaunay, Yellow-Nude, 1908, Musée des Beaux Arts de Nantes, Nantes.


Sonia Delaunay, 1923.


Sonia Delaunay, le Bal Bullier, 1913.

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