Shoe Fire

Posted by Laura
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After months of boots and thick tights, I know I am not the only one in the Northern hemisphere who is eager to wear my barest, highest heels and celebrate the arrival of spring. Though I usually only wear thick heeled platforms (almost exclusively by Terry de Havilland), this editorial from 1977 has me contemplating seeking out some thin heeled disco stilettos to add a charge of fun to my vintage ensembles. I particularly love the 1930s floral chiffon dress paired with the gold YSL sandals—which are your favourites?

Photographs by Richard L. Shaefer for Viva, March 1977.

The alluring glint of sleek stilettos whispers you through an evening's excitement—and twinkles their glamour in the sunlight of tomorrow's workday. It's the newest look in spring's sandals, and the sexiest idea to come out of Seventh Avenue in years. They're metallics, of course—displaying bands of burnished copper slashed across the toes, as a stunning complement to the wraparound silver cords that show off your ankles. Gilt and glitter are this year's look. And, for those in the know, it will be worn both at home and out on the town.
Left to Right: Anne Klein's gold leather flat sandal; True red satin Sardanapale espadrille with rope and lurex wedge and gold ribbon lacing around leg, by Yves Saint Laurent; and Bronze calfskin flat toga Beach sandal by Calvin Klein.


Satin and linen Georgia sandal in black with bands of metallic pink, pale green, and bronze by Charles Jourdan.


Left to Right: Gold plaited Denise sandal with purple laminated wedge and gold-and-purple flower, by Yves Saint Laurent; Gold Femme sandal on wedge with gold-ribbon fastening by Yves Saint Laurent. Floral chiffon dress at Ménage à Trois.


"Shoes are expressing a new attitude toward femininity", says Maggie Spring, display manager at Charles Jourdan's exclusive Fifth Avenue shop. "Women are finally feeling comfortable with their sexuality, creating renewed popularity in the higher heel and the sexy sandals." Maggie knows what she's talking about, of course, and the result of this new freedom is metallics—a wonderfully seductive and sophisticated look in this year's fashion accessories.
Amethyst linen open Irene sandal with high carved silver heel and platform ankle strap by Charles Jourdan.

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