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It’s pretty obvious that Instagram is one of the most relevant if not the most relevant of social media platforms in existence today. Since I’m 22 years old and every study about my generation likes to comment on how much time we spend in front of screens, I would say most of that time for me is devoted to Instagram. It outranks all the other apps on my phone by a landslide as my favourite, and since I spend lots of time on Instagram and looking for new accounts to follow, I thought I would compile a list of my favourites at the moment.


Personal account of fashion’s favourite DJ, Michel Gaubert. He’s amassed over a hundred thousand followers with moments of his personal life––from the front row to backstage hanging around Raf Simons and the like––but the bulk of the content is images he’s found around the internet––vintage as well as contemporary, of-the-moment stuff. His feed is like a cocktail of high fashion meeting the weird, seedy corners of the internet with a witty caption or two. He posts a lot too so there’s always something to keep you entertained.


Stacey has been one of my all time favourite Instagram accounts for a while now. Formerly known as @stacey__nishimoto (among others––Instagram is always deleting her for “obscenity” ––since when was the female body obscene?). Not only does Stacey have impeccable taste, she is a makeup artist, stylist, and contributor on the beauty site Into the Gloss, she’s also an immensely gorgeous mother of one. Her son makes regular appearances on her account if you like to see stylish toddlers in your feed. Stacey’s look is something like Saint Laurent meets Rosemary’s Baby with the mood of a sappy, saccharine Shangri-Las song. She’s not to be missed.


The ultimate cool girl swore off Instagram for a long time and even once said in an interview with Vulture “I don’t take selfies.” She finally caved a month ago and broke the Instagram silence with a photo of a cartoon unicorn with a thought bubble saying, “I don’t exist.” I’m not sure if she’s trying to say something cryptic with that first post, I guess we’ll never know. She’s posted a slew random photos––meme-y things as well as vintage (including a couple of Christiane F., who I wrote about recently). She also has a few photos of herself––taken by others, so I guess she isn’t technically breaking her “I don’t take selfies” rule. My favourites are one of her in a blue Victorian period dress beneath a barren tree captioned “#myfirstperiod” and another from a week ago of her eating a whole lobster. Chlöe remains eclectic as ever with her Instagram account.


Idea Books is a distributor based out of London of rare and eclectic books and magazines (current as well as back issue). They sell mainly through their Instagram account but also have a selection of stuff available at Dover Street Market in New York and London. I recently visited DSM New York and saw their curation of Juergen Teller books and nearly wept. Finally seeing Juergen Teller Go Sees in the flesh was definitely an experience, if only for the sticker shock. They list their stock on Instagram and usually post a few photos of each book or magazine. Lots of art, architecture, and fashion. All of the books are too die for but those of us who can’t afford the exorbitant price tags can drool over the beautiful photos on their feed.


Finally! I’ve been following Marc’s dog, Neville (@nevillejacobs) for a while on Instagram but Marc himself has remained curiously aloof, that is until about a week ago. At the time that this is being written, he only has three posts are they are already instant classics. His first post––a photo of him standing very impish and smug in front of a piece of art that says “SHE GETS ANGRY AT HIM,” captioned “No filter, (some filler)!” Brilliant. I’m already obsessed and eagerly awaiting more from the unofficial king of New York Fashion Week.

P.S. Don't forget to follow the Shrimpton Couture Instagram! Behind the scenes of the shop and amazing throwback pictures every day!

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