Courrèges x Estée Lauder

Posted by Meghan
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Being that I’m something of a makeup addict and also a fan of vintage (clearly), the most recently announced collaboration between Estée Lauder and Courrèges sent me through the roof. If you haven’t heard yet, the legendary makeup brand teamed up with Courrèges to create the kind of makeup you only would wish wasn’t limited edition. Just what you would expect from Courrèges, the packaging is ultra 60s space age like, bubble shaped in chrome and snow white plastic, accentuated with pops of color inside. It reminds me of all the discontinued makeup ranges I’ve seen photos of with super playful and outrageous packaging from the 60s and 70s (I’m obsessed with packaging). I had a change to play around with some of the products myself, and highlights from the range include the Super Gloss which has the most fascinating applicator and dispenses a richly pigmented rose pink gloss, the Ultra White Eyeliner (very unusual to come across a decent white liquid eyeliner), the Iridescent Ball Highlighter and the Illuminations Face Powder which, much to my dismay, appears to be sold out everywhere. Added bonus (for those of you who are fans)—the new face of Estée Lauder, Kendall Jenner, appears in the promotional video for the collection wearing the classic Courrèges pleather jacket in magenta (which coincidentally is the same style of Courrèges jacket I own from Shrimpton Couture).

The Courrèges Estée Lauder collection can be bought exclusively in stores at Sephora and online at Sephora and Estée Lauder.

(L) Kendall Jenner for Estée Lauder x Courrèges. (R) Me in my Courrèges jacket from Shrimpton Couture.

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