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Posted by Cherie
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After this season's extraordinary Chanel Couture show, British Vogue released the film above much to my delight. It offers a behind the scenes look at the making of Haute Couture and with the advent of two amazing 1970s Chanel Couture pieces having just landed in the shop (amongst other exemplary examples of vintage Haute Couture by some of the other great designers of this century I might add), the timing could not be better. Although my two gowns were produced some 40 odd years ago the process remains all but the same and in fact may have been produced under even more diligent standards. It is fascinating to remember that the persons you see in this video were most likely trained by the very persons who constructed the gowns in my shop.

The article that accompanies the video is here and is an interesting read but really you must take the time to watch the video. The experience of Haute Couture is like no other and this really gives you an insight as to why the pieces produced in this manner are so very, very special.

All photos Chanel Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2015

(L) 1973 Haute Couture Chanel Red Print Silk Dress. (R) 1974 True Haute Couture Chanel Silk Chiffon Dress.

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