Stefano Pilati for Yves Saint Laurent

Posted by Meghan
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YSL F/W 2012

The design history of Yves Saint Laurent is full of famous names. From the man Yves himself, to Hedi Slimane who is now ruffling some fashion feathers (and also making the company a lot of money), as well as the brief but memorable period when Tom Ford was creative director (not to forget Alber Elbaz, briefest of all, who designed only three collections for YSL––perhaps for the best, as he was ultimately go on to Lanvin where his work is unparalleled). It’s only been a few years since his departure to Zegna but former head designer Stefano Pilati has somehow gotten a bit lost in the mix. What a shame that is, too––Pilatti, more than even Tom Ford I would say, really solidified YSL as a 21st century brand. Pilati was a romantic like Yves himself, or at least thats what his clothes say. While Hedi Slimane is doing some incredibly brilliant things with the house today, Pilati’s design vision for YSL most closely matches that of Yves’ out of any designer who has taken control of the house. So today I chose to pay tribute to Stefano, who was a very important person to me as he was designing for Saint Laurent during the moments when I was really discovering fashion.

Stefano had a CV peppered with names and experience before he went to Saint Laurent––Cerruti as an intern, Armani as an assistant to the men’s ready-to-wear collections, Prada in fabric research and development and Miu Miu as assistant designer. When he joined the YSL team in 2000, he was working under Tom Ford until his departure in 2004 when Pilati became head designer and remained so until 2012. Pilati created some painfully beautiful clothing and many memorable moments while at YSL, but funnily enough one of his most famed moments might be from his cameo appearance in the documentary The September Issue when Anna Wintour, visibly annoyed while viewing his collection, asks, “What, no colour this collection, Stefano? No evening?” Not even Stefano Pilati, creator of some of this centuries most beautiful clothes, is free from the scorn of Ms Wintour it seems.

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