With Love from Yves Saint Laurent

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Yves Saint Laurent’s Love Cards were created by Yves himself and were sent out each year over a course of for thirty years - from 1970 to 2000*** - to welcome in each New Year. 

Though often associated with Valentine's Day because of the obvious Love theme of each, they were only actually his wish of love for the past year and to the hope of it for the upcoming new year to friends and close clients. They were colorful and bold, and the originals were each a work of art in a sense - each hand-crafted and inspired by objects near and dear to his heart: his bulldog Moujik, for instance, his favored color that year that we would then see carried over into the collections; the sun and palm of his native Algerian home or missives of Morraco; a pattern drawn from a favored fabric. All small essential parts of the man himself sent out in love to those he held dear.

A new book, Love by Saint Laurent, which is essentially a collection of each of these little masterpieces, was released in France last week and will soon be available in the US and other countries. So now we can all have a little bit of Yves love wishes in hand. Bravo, yes?

In a strange twist of coincidence (I do seem to be having those a lot lately - see the editors note here for an example), when in London last week for the Thea Porter Exhibit, I had dinner with a dear friend and client, Carmen Haid. Carmen actually worked at YSL under Yves himself and was given some of the originals when they were first given. She has since collected the entire set and when you enter her eclectic and lovely home, they adorn the hallway on either side. It is fabulous and I was stopped in my tracks. Needless to say I instantly fell in love.

I have of course seen them here and there but not very often and to see the entire set was stupendous. The originals are actual poster square size and quite large. I can't wait for the book but I feel it will be, for me, mainly used as a guide to collecting a copy of each and every single original for myself. A new vintage quest in a way!

Please.... in fact, pretty please.... if you have any of the originals and you are ready to part with them, feel free to get in touch. This is for me personally and they will not be resold.

My halls are waiting.

PS. I will be posting about my trip to London to attend the opening of the Thea Porter exhibit, watch for that soon. I know some have asked about seeing more photos - it's coming!

*** It is interesting to note that he did not send out the cards for 1978 and 1993. In fact, these were the only two years he did not send cards over that entire thirty year period. He referred to these occasions later as 'years without love'. Which is infinitely sad considering his history with depression and addiction, but that is another post altogether. This post focuses on the many years that were filled with "Love" for Yves.


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