Dior Couture in Under Five Minutes

Posted by Meghan
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Photographed by Delphine Achard.

Earlier this week, Cherie posted an extensively detailed post about haute couture, it’s rarity and excellence, and her experience with it. If you missed it, it’s worth a read. The meaning of the concept “haute couture” has diminished severely, as Cherie pointed out, despite the legal measures in place by the French government to preserve the institution of couture. As we are now in the midst of couture week in Paris and our social media feeds are teaming with fashion, it’s no doubt that you caught a look at Raf Simon’s spring couture collection for Dior. A real triumph for Simons, it seems like he has finally gotten instep with the brand’s cultural history, and I’m sure everyone and their mother is going to want those latex thigh high boots. Yesterday, on the heels of the show’s debut, Refinery29 released their collaborative project with Visionaire revealing the work behind-the-scenes which went into creating the crêpey accordion pleat neo- New Look dresses. Amazingly, they compressed the painstaking process involving months of intricate couture production into a matter of minutes. It is also incredibly revealing of not only the time involved in creating couture but the number of people, including the legions of highly skilled seamstresses and artisans who have never gotten to take a bow at the end of the show. After watching the eye opening video below, those five- and six-figure price tags that couture boast seem to make a little more sense.

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