The Incredible Closet of Linda Ramone

Posted by Curate
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When we saw this story on Tales of Endearment (the blog written by one of our favourite vintage loving girls, Natalie Joos) we felt it our civic duty to share. It is a kaleidoscope of colour, vintage & tiara’s, plus we love Linda - who we fell in love with on instagram when we mutually started following each other.

Our favourite line from the interview?

“I dress up every morning,” she finally agrees. “And it takes me about an hour [to get ready]. A typical day involves metallics, velvets, tiaras, hats, boots, vintage furs, matching pocketbooks and shades.” Even when you’re sick or sad, I ask incredulously?! “Then I just wear a caftan with matching scarf and slippers.’ “

See? How can we not love her. Click here to read and see the entire article on Natalie’s blog

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