Holiday Nights! Glamorous Options!

Posted by Laura
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Most festive wrapping from Yves Saint Laurent... his glittering Gypsy takes off in a romantic mood! The light-catching fabric that says sensational nights this year! Saint Laurent's off-the-shoulder dress in black silk chiffon sparkled with a riibbon-y lamé plaid... the ruffled neckline, the tiered skirt - who could ask for more!

Just in time for New Year's Eve, here is a little fantasy dressing from 1980. What are you planning on wearing tonight? Usually I love nothing more than a good excuse to dress up but after flying seven hours today I am unsure what kind of party will lure me from my house... Though I would probably be up for anything if I had some of these glamorous beauties by YSL, Zandra Rhodes and all the American greats (Halston, Blass, Galanos, OdlR, Zoran and McFadden) to wear out!

In a season when evening clothes really pay off, make way for the spectacular options on the pages ahead! In cashmere and lamé, a gypsy's silk ribbons, pleated knickers, and white jersey under fur, the top designers are coming up with glamorous answers. For every occasion—a different mood, a new way with fragrance, a special opportunity to look like a million!

Juli Foster, Eva Voorhees, Eric Milon, Deidre McGuire and Bitten Knudsen photographed by Albert Watson for Harper's Bazaar, December 1980.

(L) White—great on its own—terrific under fur! The kind of timeless understatement Halston does best—his Grecian-inspired chiffon jersey dress, slit thigh-high for maximum impact... all it needs is a beautiful sandal, a metallic leather sash—and Halston's Natural Emba Lunaraine coat for Ben Kahn Furs! (R) Fantastic alternatives: Halston's white jersey under fur... Cisluna's swirl of petticoats and color! Patterned upon a dancer's turnout, right: Cisluna's bright-bright stripes of inset satin bands in a dress that plunges in back and flares our from layers of crinoline petticoats... the extra attention here - matching leggings to wear with ballet flats!


Cashmere and lamé... Zoran's new thoughts on what "at-home" can be! Body-dressing—pure and simple. It starts with Zoran's sleek tank top of black cashmere, here with his perfect square of silk chiffon lamé tied as a sarong... with high, strappy sandals or the simplest flats - a very fresh, appealing way to look at-home.


(L) When the invitation reads "formal" Black-and-white with the Bill Blass touch! His back-baring, velvet halter dress with a satin waistband and a white silk organdy skirt... what makes the look a standout—the "collar" of white silk organza bows! A dramatic Galanos surprise! Inset: All the luxury and detail you expect in one of the most daring evening turnouts.... the strapless red mesh top with appliquéd sequins—sashed and peplumed over dark gray satin knickers! (R) Enter the romance of Oscar de la Renta... an abundance of lace, silk taffeta, and a gentle color mix that amazes the eye. His peasant blouse of lace-trimmed silk chiffon in pale pink, and full drop-waisted skirt in lilac silk taffeta.


If you love being in pants at night, now go one step further—pleated knickers from Mary McFadden! Mary McFadden's signature pleating, this time in white satin knickers sashed with silver leather and topped with one of the most beautiful blouses silver-and-gold flowers embroidered on silk chiffon!


Most seductive ways to be in black... hand-painted sheerness from Zandra Rhodes, Scaasi's plunge of silk taffeta! Jeweled chemise, from Zandra Rhodes—black silk chiffon handpainted in white freeform geometrics, with the softest neckline edged in "pearls", and touches of pearl at the hem and sleeves. The shape of party-dressing, right: Arnold Scaasi's puff-sleeved, silk taffeta, with the lowest-cut, fitted bodice and full, gathered skirting... all embroidered with flame-orange peonies!

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