Todd Papageorge's Studio 54

Posted by Meghan
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What nightlight institution in recent times is more infamous than Studio 54? During the few brief years that its doors were open to New York’s most eccentric and elite, Studio 54 became a certified legend. The club spawned dozens of tell-alls, movies, TV specials, magazine articles and today continues to inspire creatives and party girls and eccentrics of every ilk. This year publishing house Stanley Barker published “Studio 54,” a photo book by Todd Papageorge who photographed all the excess and decadence of the club from 1978-1980. Studio 54 shot up like a flare, attracting the most outrageous and well dressed people. Absolutely everyone wanted to get in but very few actually could. Papageorge’s new book contains 66 photos, including a stunning cover of Jerry Hall in a ruffled satin two piece set that some designer needs to replicate immediately. The book feels part relic, part celebration. If anything, it makes those of us who weren’t even alive to have so much as gawked in line behind the red velvet rope (like myself) a little depressed at missing an impossible opportunity. “Studio 54” is absolutely a collector’s item for anyone with an interest in disco era glamour.

The first edition of 1000 has sold out, however a second “Silver Edition” is available for pre-order from Stanley Baker for £40.00.

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