Dinner at Eight

Posted by Meghan
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“Dinner at Eight,” released in 1933, is described as “a comedy of manners,” a story of the dizzying effects of secretive genteel indiscretions. As you can imagine, the movie centers around a dinner party being hosted by a well-to-do social climbing woman of Manhattan society. In the hours leading up to the dinner, each member of the party’s secrets unravel into a gloriously cinematic tangle. The cast is rather star studded, including Marie Dressler, John and Lionel Barrymore, Wallace Beery, and Billie Burke (most famously known as Glinda the Good Witch). No one catches more attention, however, than the star that made the film famous, Miss Jean Harlow. Harlow plays the character of Kitty, gold digging wife of the offensively gauche Dan Packard (played by Beery). She’s the quintessentially tacky woman of the nouveau riche whose trying to set a place for herself in “proper” high society. Kitty does almost nothing except luxuriate in bed all day long in silks, sequins and fur and bark at her maid. Every woman in the film is dressed exceptionally, but famed costume designer Adrian truly outdid himself with the character of Kitty. She gives entirely new meaning to the idea of a lazy Sunday–– you’ll never want to lounge around in leggings after watching her eat chocolate truffles while she’s swaddled in a ball of ruffled tulle. “Dinner at Eight” is art deco decadence at its finest and a true feast for the eyes.


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