Madonna "True Blue"

Posted by Meghan
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I have a perennial soft spot for girl groups of the 50s and 60s––The Ronnettes, The Shangri-La’s, The Chiffons. Lovesick girls singing in syrupy sweet dulcet tones about melodramatic teen love, it’s hard not to love even if the lyrics might come across as a bit needy for our modern and independent feminine sensibilities. Among my other eternal loves is Madonna, so of course a Madonna music video for a song in the style of 60s girl group immediately appealed to me. The “True Blue” video came out in 1986, featuring Madonna with her famous bleached-out, blown-out cropped cut and her ensemble of bubbly back-up singers. Madonna was trying to associate herself with a period of more traditional gender roles at this time in light of her failing marriage with Sean Penn and the infamy of her sex kitten image. This didn’t seem to take since it would only be a few years before she transitioned into her controversial Erotica era. Even if it seems like a bit of a lapse for Madonna’s typical sex-centric shtick, she’s always had the ability to transform something from obscurity to popularity. The music and style of the 50s and 60s must have seemed pretty dated to girls of the 80s––who would ever think their mothers old penny loafers were cute? Madonna’s ironic spin on such a classic look must have had girls flocking to their mother’s closets. The wardrobe of Madonna’s back-up girls (including her good friends Debi Mazar and Erika Belle) definitely steal the video––high waisted cigarette pants, coordinating blue crop tops and matching blue bows in their bouncy high ponytails. It’s the 80s does the 50s––vintage on top of vintage––perfect bubblegum pop to play on the malt shop jukebox.

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