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(L) Kelly Connor. (R) Necklace, Custom Vintage. Photos courtesy The Coveteur.

Editor's note: We have been lucky enough to work here and there with Vogue and one of the people that we have "met" through email exchanges is the wonderful Kelly Connor, Market Editor for Vogue and Vogue.com. You know, you sort of expect someone who works at Vogue to be a bit of a princess but Kelly is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Despite being a true beauty, she is sweet and down to earth and manages to mix it with tremendous style. She got the Coveteur treatment this week and shared a beautiful story about one particular item and I loved it so much I decided to share it below. Then you can link over and read the rest at The Coveteur's site. You can also follow Kelly on her instagram and check out this great Vogue video too! Love you Kelly!


“My heavy gold Life Saver necklace that I never, ever take off [is the most sentimental piece in my closet]. Whether worn under my clothes or over my usual striped tee, it’s always near my heart. When my dad was in Hong Kong with his father and brother back in the mid-seventies, they all went to a jeweler in a back alley who did custom things, and my grandfather was getting Chinese-calligraphy cuff links made in gold with the Connor name on them. The jewellers were game for anything, and my father wanted something that he could wear around his neck (with his wide-collar low-button shirt, beard and exposed chest hair—mind you; this was the seventies!). He was inspired by dog tags but wanted something original and more subtle, which was more his style. The idea of a Life Saver had occurred to him some time back as something that could be cool (I’m sure that there’s another reason, but he refuses to divulge it to me). He had to literally run around Hong Kong to find a tube of Life Savers because the jeweller didn’t have a clue what he was talking about, and he finally found a package in a hotel gift shop. The jeweler took one of the candies and used it to create a mold for the necklace. My father wore it every day throughout the seventies, then subsequently gave it to my mother when they met in the eighties. I’ll never forget how horrified I was years later when she wore it to a party at our house with a shiny black Bill Blass one-button tuxedo with no shirt underneath. It wasn’t until years later that I realized how chic, sexy, powerful and amazing my mother was when she wore that—especially when all the other women were wearing their usual nineties housewife cocktail dresses. Since the necklace was passed down to me, it has been a talisman of what personal style really is: creating what you envision (regardless of trends), sharing it with those you love, and taking risks—sort of a constant reminder of why I am in fashion.” - Kelly Connor

To see the entire article go to The Coveteur.

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