Fall Footwear the '60s way

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Sophia Loren in Arabesque, 1966.

While the fall season is on it's last stuttering breathes, those of us who cherish this exciting and versatile time for fashion scramble to get the last stylish fall pieces in to our wardrobe rotation before the drudgery of winter. Of these fall autumn exclusive pieces stylish over-the-knee boots in a variety of suede and leathers spring to mind. Streetstyle stars like Olivia Palermo and off duty models like Kate Moss make the sexy style look effortlessly stylish. For those of us who aren’t gallivanting around Los Angeles or posing outside of the Lincoln Centre these boots can seem hard to style. First worn by men in the 15th century as riding boots, over-the-knee boots evolved in to women’s fashion purely for functional purposes at first. The sexy footwear became widely popularized in the 1960s on the Yves Saint Laurent runways while off runway, ‘60s icons like Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin had the styling of these boots down to a science. The below photos may just give you some styling tips or at the very least have you lusting for a pair of your own.

Yves Saint Laurent, 1963.


Yves Saint Laurent, 1963.


(L) Louis Feraud, 1960s. (R) 1967.


Brigitte Bardot (L) 1960s. (R) in the French film Ours et la Poupée, 1970.


Jane Birkin (L) Photographed in the forest of Rambouillet, 1969.


Brigitte Bardot (L) in Roger Vivier boots. (R) Spain, 1968.


Jane Fonda as Barbarella, 1968.


(L) Louis Feraud, 1968. (R) Candice Bergen, Photographed by David Bailey, Vogue 1967.


(L) Maude Adams by Irving Penn, Vogue, August 1967. (R) Grace Coddington by Patrick Lichfield, 1964.


(L) Cotton Ad, 1968. (R) Irving Penn, 1970s.


(L) David Evins for Oscar de la Renta, Vogue, 1967. (R) Debbie Harry, 1970s.


Britt Ekland & Patrick Lichfield by Terry O’Neill, 1970.

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