Daring Romantics

Posted by Laura
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Edwardian muse: under the sweep of a big-brimmed hat, a delicious little shirt of green-on-white Tattersall fraught with white lace - collar, jabot, cuffs spilling down over the hands. By Kay Busgang for Alice Stuart.

Sometimes—as much as I admire totally simple chic and elegant clothes—I just have to admit that my heart belongs to fashion that has an element of fantasy and romance to it. Most of work and research has focused on the years 1967-77 as I have found there was the greatest amount of freedom and creativity within fashion
—anything went, from romantic to historical to exotic to fantastical. These lace-embellished designs are the perfect example of this; historicizing yet modern, they combine disparate elements in a brew that was like anything before or since.

Photos by Alexis Waldeck for Vogue, August 1967.


Surprise, surprise, this look combines jolts of colour with the romantic look of lace-foamed bodice and tiny dirndls, white tights and white pumps... Once in bright pink thin wool with a lacy petticoat; again in vibrant green with a flurry of lace bloomers. All by Gregory.


Lush and languid... flutter of eyelash... heaps of heartbreak lace and ribbons... The romantic movement gathers momentum with some of the prettiest shirts imaginable. Russian shirt, wool jersey with a little band snapped on the upper flanked by narrow yellow stripes.


Russian romantics: Lace spilling down on velveteen, frothing forth at wrists... and soft brown worn with a high lace collage and lace cuffs threaded with ribbon. Mauve shirt with long mid-calf skirt, brown skirt, mid-calf skirt. All by Gregory. White belt and wraparound skirt with turnout, by Sloat.




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