The Dress of the Hour

Posted by Laura
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The T-shirt dress turns on the bright lights: red-blue-purple-and-turquoise geometrics spangled all over a short silvery base-coat. By Geoffrey Beene. Charles Elkaim earrings, giant cube ring.



As the temperatures rise so do most women's hemlines. While there still seems to be a preponderance of micro cut-off denim shorts (both on the streets and in the bars), I personally would like to push women to take a more elegant and glamorous approach to showing off their legs. This 1967 editorial from Vogue includes the perfect pieces to wear on a summer's evening—while they paired them with shimmering stockings, these dresses would look equally good with bare legs and the long sleeves cover up against the sometimes unforeseen cooler night temperatures. The combination of sparkling mini, oversized earrings, silky hair and long legs is one that seems ripe for now—fresh and charming.

Definitely one of the times I wish the photos had been published in colour, as how amazing does the Beene sound in the first photo? "Red-blue-purple-and-turquoise geometrics spangled all over a short silvery base-coat"? Heaven!


Photos by David Bailey and Irving Penn for Vogue, October 1967.

Long live the short evening dress—it's going strong from six o'clock on, taking in all the bright gay parties from right now on. So peruse the glittering booty on these six pages...


Jungle kitten: a breezy little belted shirt-shape with a soft crush of collar—in tawny printed chiffon dusted with golden glitter. By Adele Simpson. Earrings by Lillian Barkow. Stockings by Bewitching.



A curvy little dress, with the smallest, small-sleeved bodice, swaying away to a short wide hem—in gilt-grooved satiny pink cloqué with nine-o'clock rocks sparkling up the side. By Andrew Woods. Big sparkler earrings and ring by Jules Van Rouge. Pantie stocking by Bewitching.



Paisley for a party: a small, delicious dress of gold-and-peach cut velvet chiffon, with a slightly flaring jewel-edged sleeves. By Mollie Parnis. Pantie stocking by Van Raalte.



Saint Laurent's charming little dresses in crêpe, lightly sparkled. Pretty pleats, released from a small, high bodice side-closed with jewelled daisies—in deep peacock-blue with a white gardenia nestled on one shoulder, a black velvet bag swung from the other. Saint Laurent dress, earrings, bag.



Pale chamois crêpe, the chained top outlined with diamanté bands, pulled low over a quick flick of pleats. Saint Laurent dress, earrings.

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