Kate Moss in Vintage Halston at Cannes Film Festival

Posted by Cherie
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Kate Moss in a Vintage Halston Gown at Cannes, 2016.


Whenever I get these in they fly out the door as fast as they came in and seeing one on Kate gives you a great idea why. They are that perfect - throw it on and go piece. They are infinitely flattering no matter what your size or shape, add length and have a certain showstopping quality about them that never goes out of style. And I kind of love that this is not even a crazy expensive Halston. In the world of vintage Halston, his one shoulder pieces can get pretty astronomical pricing wise, but these jersey versions are still a bargain. They have the extra bonus of having been produced in a few beautiful jewels toned colors so you can really find one that is your perfect match if you are patient. I do get them in a couple times a year so if you want one - email me and I will wait list you for the next!




1970s One Shoulder Red Jersey Halston Dress from Shrimpton Couture




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