The True Specialness of Vintage Haute Couture

Posted by Cherie
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I stumbled across this incredible little film when researching something and thought I would share it with you. I think that people see vintage Haute Couture pieces and have no real idea just how rare and special they truly are. In this video they showcase a little plaid jacket that, to be perfectly frank, does not appear that special at first glance. However, you quickly come to find out that it cost $20,000 in its day and the fabric alone took 250 hours to make. Per jacket. And that does not include the time to then piece the jacket together by hand as haute couture dictates things be made.

When you see something like this and then see dresses and gowns all well under the $10,000 mark and often under $5000 and sometimes even under 2-1k in a shop like mine... well it seems inconceivable that you can actually own something produced in such small quantities and in such a work intensive manner. But you can. And that is part of the beauty of vintage. It amazes me that someone can go on any major retail site or walk into a boutique and not blink at paying several thousand dollars for a dress produced entirely by machine and that can be found in every boutique of that kind around the world and then think a vintage, true haute couture piece is not a bargain. A BARGAIN.

Because that is exactly what it is. It's a piece of true fashion history at a bargain.


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