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* It is with sadness that we pass along the news that photographer Deborah Turbeville,"who almost single-handedly turned fashion photography from a clean, well-lighted thing into something dark, brooding and suffused with sensual strangeness," died earlier this month. She was 81. If you just went who? take a moment to google please.

* One of our favorite people - journalist Nathalie Atkinson - looks at the recent trend of designers reviving designers almost verbatim from the archives and the more general question of filling the originals shoes - its a must read.

* Yesterday Grace Kelly was born in 1929 and even though she is long gone from this world she still managed to land a magazine cover! If that does not make a girl official Icon status we don't know what would! Tatler ran Grace as their cover girl wearing the ice blue Edith Head dress she made famous. Some girls have such fabulous lives - before and after.

* If you missed it then you are as sad as we are -a  major exhibition, Espirit Dior, showed at lMOCA, rt museum, Shanghai but ended November 10th. We know we are reporting on it late but have our fingers crossed that the exhibit will move to another space soon so we can all get a second chance! Hitting the link below will at least let you see some pictures!

Sources: Deborah Turbeville / Fashion House is Never Dead / Grace Kelly / Espirit Dior Exhibit.


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