Cate Blanchett as Anita Berber in Another Magazine

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Anita Berber was a very avant garde kind of girl. She cropped her hair, dyed it bight red, danced and generally lived her life by her own rules - all the more fascinating when you find out that she did this in 1920s Berlin. She danced nude and wore heavy makeup - including a particular shade of red lipstick that photoed as black. There is probably a case that could be made that she is the original inspiration for every gothic chic movement since as a result. She was bisexual, a drug addict and whose drug of choice was chloroform and either mixed in a bowl, which she then scooped out with rose petals and ate. Drug abuse sure isn't what is use to be!

Another Magazine transforms the ethereal beauty of Cate Blanchett on this editorial inspired by the famous cabaret dancer. Shot by Willy Vandeperre, "Vanderperre celebrates the spirit of the Weimar Era, with a stunning selection of shots done in the Neo-Burlesque/Dark Cabaret Style. The art of beauty evolves. Borrowing from the era (makeup artist) Yadim keeps tradition alive with heart-shaped lips, while highlighting the face with an innovative brow that gives the eyes an androgynous twist. Echoing the sentiment of Expressionism (stylist) Olivier Rizzo transforms the fashions by turning every moment into a work of modern art."

We mix the original with the inspiration for you here!

Source: Fashioncow.

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