Russian Vogue Does Punk

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"Agnes Nabuurs and Charlotte Tomas take the movement forward in ‘Chic Shine Punk’ by (photographer) Sebastian Kim for the October 2013 issue of Vogue Russia. An artful amalgamation of the past and future this edgy interpretation of Neo-Punk reminds us how this trend has remained such a steady influential force within the fashion industry. Each ensemble rich with a kind of vintage decadence, (stylist) Natasha Royt gives us a glimpse back to the high gloss days of the 80′s with an eclectic mix of retro-modern looks reflective of the era’s glamour & grit. And with a creative combination of Rita Marmor’s haute hair looks and Maud Laceppe’s abstract eye graphics the result is a vivid piece of visually stimulating fashion art. Leaving behind the look of the 70′s counter-culture crowd this story echos a time when this underground form of expression went from street to chic." - is how The Fashion Cow describes this story. We mix original pictures from those heady 70s punk days in with the new. Tell us? Did they nail it?

Source of Vogue Russia Photos: Fashioncow.



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