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* We love Claire, who is a couture sewing techniques expert, and she has a new book out - Couture Sewing: The Couture Cardigan Jacket, Sewing Secrets from a Chanel Collector. Jill, the girl behind the blog Everything Just So, interviewed her. Love the last line - her answer to the query of what is her number one advice to home sewers? To "Baste" (There is a thanksgiving joke in there somewhere no?)

* The behind the scenes of an exhibit can be just as fascinating if not more so then the actual exhibit sometimes. For the exhibit Inspiring Beauty at the Chicago museum, curators give us a glimpse at the decision making behind the mannequin selections. We love!

* It's never to late to be learn something new! For those in the Toronto area the ROM offers ongoing courses and one called The Art of Being Fashionable: Connecting Art, Design and Fashion starts October 26th. From their site: "Discover the differences between fine and decorative arts and explore fashion's links to Rococo, Classical, Aesthetic and the Art Nouveau movements. It will also discuss Cubism, Orientalism, Art Deco, Surrealism and the late 20th century Pop, Op, Psychedelic and Deconstruction art styles with their influences on fashion." Sounds brainy and fun to us!

* Former Chair of F.I.T.’s Fashion Design Program Francesca Sterlacci has launched the University of Fashion " to preserve the art of fashion design (particularly in the U.S.) and make it accessible to people who can’t necessarily move to a city like New York and spend tens of thousands of dollars on a proper education." Its an an online video library of fashion design lessons. Technically you won't get a degree but it's a valuable resource at your fingertips. Def worth a viewing

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