Chloe 1979

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That online resource has garnered her a huge following and we are very pleased to have her here twice a month sharing exclusive images she will source for us through her ever expanding collection of historical fashion images. We never know just what she will find and are excited to watch and see! In her debut column she brings us some Chloe images that are so shockingly relevant that with a few styling tweaks they could be from the September runways!

While thumbing through the pages of a French Vogue I came across these advertisements for Chloe. I had to look at the cover to make sure this wasn’t a current issue or maybe one from the 90’s but in fact these fashions are from Fall 1979. Photographer Albert Watson creates an ageless look in stark contrast to the rest of the issue which looks very 1970’s. These images and designs show just how relevant some vintage fashion can be.



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