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We could easily fill pages with the wild and wonderful designs created by Elsa Schiaparelli, these are just a very few from our instagram! Known as "Schiap" to her friends, she began with knitwear in 1927. These had trompe l'oeil on them and were an instant hit. She expanded the line the following year and then in 1931 debuted the split skirt - what would eventually become the modern short - it shocked people at the time and she became a Vogue darling. Success after success followed. Her pieces were weird and wacky but they were embraced by the fashionable crowds of the day. She collaborated with artists like Salvador Dali and Jean Cocteau. Sadly when fashions took an abrupt change after the war her look was no longer favored and eventually her fashion atelier closed in 1954. Ironically the same year that her rival Coco Chanel re-opened hers. Elsa died in 1973. A short career but one that forever impacted fashion!

1-2. Unknown Date / 3. 1951 / 4. 1949


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