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Posted by Cherie
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Total warning that this post is as unscientific as you can get. It's just my real, at home, tried and true method that got my hair to grow past my bra strap - something that I have never been able to do without extensions to help in the past. All I know is that for me this has worked like a charm and it was not until I put these two things together that I started to see fast and thick hair growth. Bye Bye extensions!

My secret? Cold pressed Castor Oil and Beautiful supplements. Yep you got it - nothing fancy just these two simple items. The Beautiful supplements I buy at the local Super Store grocery store in the health food aisle. I take two every night before bed. The bottle costs about $30 - which is less then half of Viviscal who I tried and did not see anywhere near the results I get with these. My skin and nails have gotten better since I started taking these as well. Before I even added the castor oil to my routine my dermatologist asked what I was doing because my skin was looking better. Can't argue with that! I have been taking these about a year on a regular basis but noticed a change after about a month

About 4 months ago I added on Castor oil. I was snooping around the web and came across an article that mentioned this stuff and thought I would try it as they raved about the results. You have to get the cold pressed stuff - I think it has something to do with how pure it is but I could be wrong. I get the kind pictured above from my local health store and I think the bottle was about $10. Once a week I rub a glop of it into the base of my hair and scalp about an hour before bed and just pop my hair up in a bun. It is very thick and I probably use 1-2 palms worth - sometimes I do the ends as well if I feel they are dry. I sleep on it like that and then just shampoo & condition like normal the next day. I find it washed out great. I find that if I put it on an hour before it does not do major damage to my pillow cases but use an old one the first time just in case. I read that you just leave it on for an hour but I found that overnight seems to have produced the best results and it is easier to wash out as opposed to just leaving it for a short time. Maybe because more soaks in? I read that it also reduces grey hair, but that I have not seen (sadly!)

Over the course of the 3 months that I have been tuned into these two products, I have taken a week or so and stopped one or the other and found my hair slowed down a touch so resumed doing the two together and was right back on track. So for me they worked hand in hand and they are part of my daily & weekly routine.

That is it - my hair secret for growth - simple and cheap! Try it and let me know if t works for you too!

PS this is not a sponsored post - I wish!

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