Helena Christensen in Red Magazine

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When Helena burst onto the scene in the late eighties, early nineties, she was my least favorite of the supermodels. Her face was sort of odd and unconventional. She was a beauty queen (Miss Denmark 1986) and to my young, rather dumb self-imposed snooty ideals, girls who did pageants did not become models. I distinctly remember saying to my friend Kim, "she won't last a year"

Boy when I am wrong I am blazing fireballs kind of wrong.

Not only has she stuck around but she became a bona fide "super". Because the thing was, the fact that she did look a little unconventional is exactly what made her super. The very thing I protested against (and shut my mouth firmly about after about a year of seeing her like, everywhere) was the very thing that made her famous. She was a little odd looking compared to the other models of the day. In her very young modelling days this was far more apparent then in her older, more refined style self as seen here in this Red Magazine feature. 

She was the kind of girl that you could see hanging out with as another girl, but still managed to be the kind of girl that boys thought that maybe they would have a legitimate shot at - maybe. She could be shockingly beautiful or incredibly wholesome or wonderfully odd looking.

So yeah I was wrong, and yeah youthful, dumb snootiness has gone the way of a more adult snooty-around-the-edges-about-things-that-matter-a-little-bit-more-then-calling-models-careers, but I am woman enough to admit my idiocy on this one.

Let's just say a collective prayer that I was too young to be a booking agent!


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