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* It seems like every time we turn around another defunct house is being revived. Most poorly it seems to us but we are ever hopeful. The latest to give it a modern day go is Irfé, originally begun on 1924 by Russian aristocrats, Irina and Félix Youssoupoff. They were the darlings of the jet set and Vogue and were known for their Gatsby set appropriate frocks. Interesting fact - only two dresses are known to have survived so far - one is in The Met and one is on the hands of a private French collector. It will be interesting to see what they do with their flapper-esque history. Oh and hint hint - if you happen to have a dress or two from this label - um call us - collect.

* If ever we decide to become couture burglars we are going to ferret out just where this place is. (kidding) Garde Robe is the storage wars holy grail. Its the place where the uber rich store their couture (and vintage). Though mainly a word-of-mouth kind of place, they let the Telegraph in to chat about just what happens behind their unmarked, closed door.

* What will be known as a pivotal moment in history, this week marked Marc Jacobs final show for Louis Vuitton. It has nee officially announced that Marc is leaving Vuitton to concentrate on his own brand and oversee the IPO to bring it public. Marc has been credited with bringing the luggage maker into the modern world and making it a fashion powerhouse. Watch for vintage dealers touting good from his various cult followed collections. Just when you think it couldn't get more collectible a shake-up like this just made all things MJ+LV that much more valuable.

* Tamara Mellon, founder of the shoe empire Kimmy Choo is a busy girl these days. She has written a book (we are just delving into it so watch for our review in the next week or so), and launching a new line under her own moniker - with a twist. She is actually going to sell clothes that are availabe for that season (gasp!). So that means she will show winter appropriate garb and it will be for sale in the winter. Earth shattering idea for you young 'uns out there that are trained to by your fall goods in July before they are sold out, but once upon a time this is how it was done. Really.

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