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* and of course we all know that Alaia is in Paris and the exhibit is to die for. We don't even think we could go without getting into trouble - you know - drooling on things or trying to slip them into out pocket books - we just would not be able to help ourselves! Its being hailed as one of the best exhibits ever and we will be bringing an insider scoop to Curate soon!

* Well if there was ever a case to chow you just how die hard Jane Austen fans can be this is it. That ring that Kelly Clarkson bought at auction over a year ago is never going ot be out on her finger. The funds have been raised and that ring is staying in London! Don't mess with history girl!

* Written right before the Alaia exhibit opened, Colin McDowell from the Business of Fashion took a moment ot look back on Azzedine's career. Its a good read and worth the jump. He sums is u quite nicely at the end - "less really can be more" when it comes to the exclusivity of Alaia!

* Though technically not an article about vintage we found it interesting that both the buyer and editor made references to vintage in this article run by the Telegraph UK - it always seems to get played in somehow doesn't it?

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