The Sound of Hermes Silver

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This incredible video plays with the question "what if silver had a sound?" This was actually released back in June to coincide with the launch of the latest Hermes silver jewelery collection, Châine d’ancre (most of which we want).

"Out of obscurity a series laser strikes a piece of jewelry on metallic turntables, then moves over it, caressing its volume, and coaxes from it its own particular voice. With the Chaîne d’ancre collection and its variations, Initiale, Parade, Osmose and Etcaetera, each of Pierre Hardy's designs find musical expression in a intriguing new video from Hermès. The alien notes join together to create an experimental symphony."

This interpretation of The Sound of Silver is a performance initiated in collaboration with British design practice United Visual Artist (UVA). Director: Caswell Coggins Music: YoggyOne



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