The Anna Piaggi Hat-ology Exhibit

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“My hat is personal. It is what contains the soul, the feeling, the sensation that moves this little world around”

That is a quote from Anna the year before she died in 2011. And she certainly did love a hat! She amassed an amazing collection of 804 of them to be exact and we doubt that there was a single one that did not go out for a spin with Anna at least once! So it is appropriate that master millener, Stephen Jones, has curated an exhibit to showcase those hats at Milan’s Palazzo Morando (until Nov. 30). In it he has recreated her workspace right down to the typewriter that she wrote all of her editorials on right to the last.

“Most clients sit patiently while I place a hat on their heads,” says Mr. Jones. “Anna would take it into her hands, try it on back-to-front, upside down, pin on a jewel, add a veil — make it her own. Then she would turn to me with a pout and say, ‘You see.”’

A cultural association formed by Ms. Piaggi’s family and especially her brother, Alberto, is working with the London College of Fashion to catalog her collection of vintage clothes, her hats and her written and visual work, with a view to creating the basis of a traveling exhibition.

“Hats gave Anna a point of stability,” said her long-term assistant, Moreno Fardin. “The hat came first — then the clothes.”

We think she was a beautiful original and miss her insanely fabulous get-ups. Some of our favorites below!

Source: NYtimes.


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