The Making of, Cleaning and Tying Your Hermes Scarf

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In our last vintage Tips & Tricks column we were asked to get the scoop on how to properly clean your Hermes scarves. To find out the official stance, Cherie popped by the Hermes boutique this week to find out just what is recommended. Whilst trying not to be distracted by the Birkins and Kelly's she managed to get some valuable information for you. Turns out the official stance is to only bring your silk treasures to a trusted dry cleaners! Washing in water is a big "do not attempt under any circumstance" says Hermes.

Cleaning should be done when you feel that it needs it, or if you get make-up, perspiration or a spill on your scarf, then of course it can be done right away. Scarves can be worn a few times before cleaning if there s no apparent need for it - less is more sometimes with fine silks. The one huge tip that we were given is to specifically instruct your dry cleaners to not press the rolled edges of the scarf. They are meant to be rounded and full.

For storing many people prefer to keep them in their original boxes but you can also fold them boutique style in a drawer by color so you can easily see them. No direct sunlight please.

We also asked about the folds, as we are people who deal in vintage and we have oft heard that die hard collectors like the folds in and we have also heard from others that keeping the folds feels a little declasse. Turns out from our Hermes source that clients fall firmly on both sides of that silk fence. It's a 50/50 split on to whether keep the folds in or steam those fold lines out. However, if you are a non-fold girl our source says to please steam them out carefully from the side opposite to the folds.

Hermes has so much content revolving around their scarves right now. When we started to poke around the "World of Hermes" we found a slew of fabulous things to share with you. The video above is actual footage of the hand rolling "Rouletter" process. It is incredible and a true testament to the brand that they are still employing such old-world and time consuming traditions. The next time you gasp at the cost of a new or vintage Hermes scarf know that this is part of the reason why!

For more Hermes fun, the iconic house has just launched a new app called Silk Knots. Check out the video below for that and then run to the app store to get it. It takes the scarf cards we posted a couple of weeks ago to a whole new technical level!

If all this has firmly enticed you and you still need more, more, more Hermes (this is what happens you know- this brand is addictive) then you will be happy to know that we have saved the best for last - A Festival for all things Hermes - right here in Toronto!

From October 2-6th the Festival des Métiers is happening in Toronto at the Design Exchange. "This engaging cultural exhibition provides a fascinating insight into the longstanding traditions and values of Hermès in the crafting of fine objects defined by an uncompromising commitment to the highest standards of quality. The exhibition features intimate behind-the-scenes demonstrations by masterful craftspeople from the renowned Hermès workshops in France, illustrating the methods in which products are painstakingly made-by-hand using techniques passed from generation to generation." is how it is described by their press release. It is a free event and will be open from 11-7 daily at the Design Exchange, 234 Bay Street!

See you there!






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