Tyra Banks is Smizing

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Tyra as Twiggy


You may have seen these photos of super model in her own right, Miss Tyra Banks, posing as 15 of the worlds greatest supermodels, past and present, for Fault Magazine. They are pretty incredible on their own but the cracker jack Shrimpton Couture team decided to see just how close they really stack up to the originals. We pulled the photos we think served as the inspiration for each of her dramatic transformations and put them to the test.

Tell us what you think! Did she nail them?



Tyra as Brooke Shields


Tyra as Cara Delevinge


Tyra as Carmen Dell'Orefice


Tyra as Cindy Crawford


Tyra as Claudia Schiffer


Tyra as Grace Jones


Tyra as Iman


Tyra as Jerry Hall


Tyra as Karlie Kloss


Tyra as Kate Moss


Tyra as Kate Upton


Tyra as Lauren Hutton


Tyra as Linda Evangelista


Tyra as 15-year-old Tyra




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