A little Dolce & Gabbana never hurt a girl

Posted by Cherie
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I was invited to the TIFF Dolce and Gabbana party this week and asked Anita to join me. Was so happy that she said yes and also that she agreed to let me dress her up in vintage for the night! I chose this amazing 1970s silk chiffon and gold thread Bill Blass scarf dress that is coming to the shop soon, and it fit her like a glove. Maybe I was a little jealous (oh to be so teeny!) but I got over myself because you just can't be mad when something you sourced looks so damn good on someone!

I swear, all night long she was complimented every few minutes! Even when we were walking down the street, random strangers were telling her how great she looked. (including some rather large men in Yorkville who where hanging around a whole row of huge motorcycles, but honestly their bikes were too expensive for it to be scary lol) ! I thought I was pretty out there in my blingy little 1980s sequin Yves Saint Laurent sweatshirt, but that night I was just living in her fabulous vintage shadow :)

The new Dolce store on Bloor Street is fabulous - all black lacquer and gloss. The fall collection is just trickling in and I cannot wait to see the full collection in person. There are a lot of pieces in it that I know vintage collectors will be clamoring to get their hands on years from now. I personally think its one of the strongest collections they have done in a while and its instantly identifiable vibe will make it a huge "must have" for collectors down the road. Watch for a future post on some of those runway pieces that were fully beaded and sequined - I have made arrangements to get and up close viewing of them when they arrive at the D&G shop so that I can share the techniques and details with you.

If you watch my instagram you already know I snagged one of two crowns that were brought into Canada. That evening I asked Justin*, if we could see the other one that is still at the shop**. The pictures above where Anita is playing "Queen for the Day" speak for themselves! I think the funniest part of the night was when Anita's instagram pic accidentally captured Holt's girl Mariangela in one of the funniest photo bombs ever. That look is priceless and was absolutely NOT intended on Maria's part, just a kooky accident and no one even noticed it until after it got posted in instagram. We all were cracking up, including Mariangela!

There was lots of gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana pieces to be seen at the party that night but only two girls in vintage and I can definitely say - vintage girls DO have more fun!

*Justin is your go-to guy at Dolce if you need something - just tell him I sent you
**I think its on hold for someone though - sorry!

Photos: Cherie's instagram and Anita's instagram, Hermes and Gucci vintage clutches from the Shrimpton archives


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