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* Although advance copies are starting to make the rounds, you wont be able to snag this book officially until October. Lori Goldstein. She has worked with some of the biggest names in the business so its basically going to be visual porn for the fashion obsessed. Her personal credo is "everything goes with anything" so expect lots of amazing images. A must own for the Shrimpton library!

* The film Rush, directed by Ron Howard is based in the seventies and Gucci's own Frida Giannini has designed the costumes plus pulled from the Gucci archives. That alone makes it worth the price of the ticket for us. We think the combo of Olivia Wilde and some seventies Gucci can't go wrong.

* So there is a play set in the last 24 hours before the suicide death of our beloved Isabella Blow. Titled Blow Me, 23 year old playwright, Jessica Farr has brought Blow back to life at the SandBox at Miami Theater Center. The premise - "While she drifts in and out of consciousness after drinking weed killer, factual flashbacks mingle with delusions in a fast-paced, wickedly biting black comedy whose panoply of characters come and go as quickly as fashion trends". We can't give our personal opinion since we have not seen it but our gut instinct? No thank you.

* Eric Wilson did a write up on the September fashion rags for The New York Time style section. In it he laments for the days when print was print and the internet was the internet and never the twain shall meet. Having read Vogue on the ipad and in print we are on the fence of whether we agree or disagree. They are so different and yet so the same. Lots of valid points in this article but meh, ain't nothing going to stop this train says us

Credit: Lori Goldstein / Gucci / Isabella Blow / September Magazines.


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