10 Reasons for adding vintage to your wardrobe

Posted by Curate
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1. Each piece you wear tells people a little bit about the "true" you

2. It's far better made then the cheap mass produces pieces made today

3. Your best "friend" can't ever go buy the same outfit

4. The fabrics don't do weird things the first time you wash them

5. Great vintage never goes out of style and in fact often feels ahead of it

6. It's way more fun to find - finding good pieces gives addicts like us a rush like no other!

7. The cut is more refined & made for individual bodies rather then the mass market

8. Real silk, real cotton, real wool...need we say more?

9. Ossie Clark!!

10. It's the best way to stand out in a crowd and look glamorous beyond belief!

There is a reason why our fave glam Hollywood girls wear vintage to their events! No one else will be wearing it because no one else will have it! Vintage pieces are one of a kind, works of art, chosen and hunted down by you and are a reflection of the kind of girl you are! And that, is the absolute best reason to get good vintage into your closet right now!



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