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If you are even remotely as obsessed with vintage as we are, then you are sure to have been told at some point to store fragile and valuable pieces in "acid free tissue paper". But what is that exactly?

If you have ever bought an old hat or piece of jewellery in its original package, or stumbled across a dress wrapped in tissue in a long forgotten chest, you know from first hand experience that tissue paper becomes brittle and fragile with age. I have literally just barely touched old tissue paper only to watch it crumble to near dust in seconds. This is caused by the acidity in standard tissue and papers, and that acidity is the culprit. It can actually transfer to and react to the acidity in a garment or vintage textile and that is the primary cause of discoloration, wear and damage to items that have been kept in long term storage in the wrong kind of tissue paper.

Acid free tissue paper is the gold standard and is what is used by Museums and for archival storage around the world. What makes it different is that it is completely neutral on the PH scale or buffered to an alkaline PH. The best archival tissue in the world is also lignin free and complete eliminates any chance of long term reaction with what is kept within its folds.

For short term storage, and shipping of high quality garments, dry cleaner and/or gift grade tissue is acceptable and far more cost effective. However, if you have garments that you will be packing away for a long period of time, please invest in archival grade tissue. Your heirs, future vintage dealers like me, and generations of fabulous vintage obsessed girls of the future will thank you!

See below for an excellent list of sources for tissue from The Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute

Archivart Products for Conservation & Restoration
40 Eisenhower Drive 

Paramus, New Jersey 07652.

Tel: 201-804-8986; 800-804-8428

Archival products for conservation, exhibition and storage.

Gaylord Bros
Box 4901

Syracuse, New York 13221-4901 

Tel: 800-634-6307
Archival, conservation, & library supplies.

Hollinger Metal Edge (East Coast)
9401 Northeast Drive

Fredricksburg, Virginia 22408

Tel: 800-634-0491

Archival, conservation supplies.

Hollinger Metal Edge (West Coast) 

6340 Bandini Blvd
Commerce, CA 90040

Archival, conservation supplies.

Light Impressions Corp.
PO Box 2100
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Tel: 800-828-6216

Archival, conservation, and framing supplies.

MuseuM Services Corporation
1107 East Cliff Road

Burnsville, Minnesota. 55337-1514

Tel: 612-450-8954; 800-672-1107
Acid free paper, textile storage boxes, equipment.

568 Broadway

New York, New York, 10011

Tel: 212-219-0770

Archival, conservation supplies.

University Products
517 Main Street

Holyoke, Massachusetts 01041

Tel: 800-628-9281

Archival, conservation supplies.



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