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If a picture is worth 1000 words, how many have been spilled on the beautiful layouts of this very site? The answer lies with a most dedicated member of our team, the whip smart art director Jenna Schill. Jenna began her work as an intern, but very quickly made herself so integral that she has helped define the Shrimpton Couture spirit, a heartfelt dedication to quality and a progressive love for the past. Her keen eye and dedicated work ethic have set the tone for a message rooted in the simple fact that the past is the surest way to the future. In her most capable hands, vintage can appear thrilling and mysterious, sexy and cutting-edge. Read on to hear more about Jenna.

Tell us a bit about how you got started with Shrimpton.
I started as an Intern with Shrimpton while I was still in University. As time went on I moved into a more freelance position. After graduation, I worked at a magazine, then decided to move to Shrimpton full time!

What’s your favorite thing about your job?
Simply put, taking ideas and putting them together so they are aesthetically pleasing. Cherie gives me the ability to try different things and we work together to find something that we both like and that also feels like it conveys our brand. I love working with all our contributors when they have a vision and seeing it come to life is a great feeling. Plus, I get to look at pretty things all day long, and what's not to like about that?

You have a great eye – how do you hone your skills? Are the blogs you read, magazines you follow?
It's really a combination of everything, but collaboration is important. I've had lots of people teach me and open my eyes to something that I might not have thought of before, which has helped me the most in developing my own skills.

My own posts have been continually jazzed up by your image research. What are your most reliable sources or search terms for finding unusual or lesser-known images?
Determination is key! Haha. Sometimes image research can be really frustrating so I find that any key words you can take from something will help. The year, outfit, model name, photographer, hairstyles, designers, publication, location, etc etc. Sometimes if you find one image from one source it can also spiral into other images and links that can help. I usually start my searches off with Google and Pinterest, because of their vast database, and then go from there.
I often find photos but that do not have any information with them and I will search forever to try and find some credits to go with it. It is something that takes the most time but it is really rewarding when you find it, especially in relation to vintage. Knowing who took a photo, where and when, can really add an extra element to an image, making it a lot more special and relatable to articles.

What drew you to the vintage world?
I always enjoyed thrifting and re-working clothes I found when I was younger so I think vintage was the next step. That a piece from fifty years ago can look really fresh and new today is really amazing to think about, both in clothing and images/art.

Who is your favorite fashion pet?
Other than my own dog, Bernie, I always love when I see the image of the pug dressed as Karl Lagerfeld,. Erin Wasson also has an adopted pitbull named 'Cream' who is adorable - I am definitely a dog person and an advocate for the bully breeds.

You have a wedding coming up. Have you considered wearing vintage?
I am thinking of incorporating vintage in some way! I have found a dress but am toying with the idea of a dainty vintage clip or something for my hair... we will see...


(L) Jenna and her dog, Bernie. (M) The Karl Lagerfeld Pug. (R) Erin Wasson and her Pitbull, Cream. Photo by Hanneli Mustaparta.


Where are you from?
Fall River (30min outside of Halifax), Nova Scotia

What’s the story of your name?
My father's mother passed away when he was quite young and her name was Jenny and my grandmother on my mother's side was Alice so I was named Jenna Alicia after both of them.

What is the first thing you notice about people?
Their eyes.

What is your favorite color?
Purple (although you wouldn't be able to tell by my black/grey wardrobe)

Favorite smell?
The coffee aisle in grocery stores or ginger cookies baking

Favorite artist or art style?
I love Hyper-realistic paintings - they are mind blowing.

Guilty pleasure?

What would you wear to your last meal?
Something amazing that I would never of had an occasion for otherwise.

Fashion is a medium that relies quite heavily on inspiration, collaboration and an open exchange of ideas. Who would be your dream collaboration – living or dead? What inspires you about their work?
Andy Warhol - he worked with so many mediums it would be so interesting to know how his mind worked for different processes.

What appeals to you about vintage?
The history and stories associated.

What’s your favorite era of dress?
I think working for Shrimpton has definitely brought out my love for the 70s in a big way!

If you could be on the cover of any fashion magazine, past or present, what would it be?
Vogue anywhere from the 70s-early 90s.

What trick do you use to dress best for yourself?
If you don't feel comfortable, you won't look it either.

If you could organize one gathering, what would it be? What is the setting, what is the music, what is the food, who are the guests?
I love Christmas so it would be a Christmas party with loved ones, cheesy music and plenty of food.

If you could attend one event of the past, what would it be?
One of the great Studio 54 parties

Please pick three items from Shrimpton that you love and tell us why.
1. 1970s Floral Yves Saint Laurent Maxi Dress - I love a good shift and the print on this is great
2. 1970s Multi Tie Front Holly's Harp Dress - Super sexy front plunge and amazing colour.
3. 1950s Heavily Beaded Amelia Gray Dress - I love a little sparkle from time to time! Perfect for any Holiday parties coming up.

And finally … Karl or Yves?

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