Lynn Wyatt Swoons at Chanel Couture

Posted by Meghan
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Hearing Texan socialite Lynn Wyatt’s southern drawl ring through Karl Lagerfeld’s studio sounds like two remote worlds converging, very Twilight Zone. Her gushing over couture made clothing in that velvety accent of hers must have charmed nearly everyone in Paris in the same way that fellow Texas native Jerry Hall did. Lynn Wyatt herself was a prominent socialite, philanthropist and lover of fashion in the 80s as well as now and was legendary for hosting celebrities and royalty at her family mansion in Houston, cheekily named the “Wyatt Hyatt.” She even has some sagely advice for those of us who get caught up in the pretense of the fashion industry and forget what we loved it for––“I think clothes are fun, I think life is fun, and one should dress appropriately for an occasion, as the most important thing. You’re showing an image of yourself to the world and why not make light of it, why not enjoy it.”

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