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Posted by Laura
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Single-breasted wool coat by John Knight at Ann Taylor. Flannel plaid jacket and skirt by Cygne Designs at Ann Taylor.

New York on a crisp autumn day is really the most perfect place in the world. Dressed in a chic coat, a sweater and maybe a scarf, it's impossible not to feel invigorated and excited running around the city. This editorial perfectly encapsulates the energy and sense of new beginnings that fall breeds - and all wrapped up in a perfect collection of clothes. Photographed in connection with a new Ann Taylor flagship store in NYC, which carried almost all the clothes seen from a wide variety of designers. Following the sale of the Ann Taylor shops and line by the original founder, Robert Liebskind, the previous year, the new owners started to expand away from the original eastern seaboard college towns to new markets—as well as beginning to sell creations by other designers. They concentrated on carrying brands not found at department stores, and had exclusive collaboration lines with certain designers. Below are a selection of the designs at the beginning of this shift in Ann Taylor's history—now that they have gone back to solely selling their own collection it is intriguing to look back and see how they found ways to satisfy their working women clients with fun yet work appropriate clothes.

All photos by Jacques Malignon from Viva, October 1978.

Fall is the season for city moves, the time of the year when you head for the brightest lights and try for the big time. The lure of a spot like New York City, that bustling bazaar of people, places, sights, sounds, and smells, become irresistible. Dressed in the wonderfully towny new coats from Ann Taylor's shops, you're drawn like a moth to a flame.

(L) Single-breasted knit coat and knit sweater dress both by Bill Kaiserman for Rafael. Sweetpea fox scarf by Tepper Collection. (R) Flannel plaid coat by Cygne Designs at Ann Taylor.


This fall, Ann Taylor salutes the traditional migration of young career women to New York by opening a fabulous new shop on East Fifty-seventh Street in Manhattan. Charles Broudy (the Philadelphia architect who recently won the Fifth Avenue Association Award) has designed a dazzling structure that will house a marvelous variety of exciting new clothes. The store will have three spacious floors plus an open galleria well and a mezzanine. A glass-enclosed elevator will transport you from level to level so that you can survey the array of goods as you travel from one floor to another. An espresso cafe will give respite to sauntering shoppers. (Decisions, decisions... Will it be the sexy clinging knit sweater dress, or the cuddly soft button-down cashmere dress - or that $500 Sweetpea fox scarf - or all three?)

Autumn nights are for traveling to city lights in the sleekest, slimmest new coats to arrive on the style scene. Seventy-eight is the year to do it, to make the break and go for the glamour of that sparkling metropolitan life you've always dreamed of. Why wait another moment? This is the year to try for the biggest star, to fulfill aspirations, to aim high, and to make it big. Confident, cunning, and chic, you're going to do it in style this fall!


(L) Button-down-back cashmere dress by Dominick Avellino at Ann Taylor. (R) Double-breasted wool coat by Daniel Hechter at Ann Taylor. Silk-gabardine dinner jacket, tuxedo trousers, silk-broadcloth ruffled shirt, leather cummerbund, silk square, all by Pinky and Dianne for Private Label at B. Altman.

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