Megumi Satsu

Posted by Meghan
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Who is Megumi Satsu? She’s a relatively obscure figure in music history––the Japan- born French singer became rather successful in the 80s for her avant garde cabaret- sounding style. There’s little to find of her on the internet, save for her website which is entirely in French. Her music is rather interesting, to say the least, but probably not for everyone and her look is equally as eccentric as her music. The Wikipedia entry on Megumi describes her as “the new Marlene Dietrich with an Asian touch,” which is fairly accurate in describing her style. It’s masculine tailoring meets 1930s Hollywood meets Comme des Garçons. That her and the Japanese avant-garde designers in Paris were contemporaries makes a lot of sense. I can imagine her as a muse to many designers even today, even though it has the definite 80s edge to it, her style seems ahead of its time even today.


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